Basic Course

Vijay Driving School

Embark on your driving journey with Vijay Driving School! Every driver starts somewhere, and your first driving lesson marks the beginning of your path to obtaining a full license. Choosing the right place to learn is crucial, especially if you’re completely new to driving.

At Vijay Driving School, we understand the importance of starting with the basics, particularly for those who have never been behind the wheel before. Our professional and experienced driving instructors are not only friendly but also committed to making your learning experience enjoyable and stress-free. We prioritize your success and aim to instill in you the confidence and skills necessary to drive safely.

Located in B-6/1 Model Town-1, Delhi, our driving school boasts an impressive 97% pass rate among beginners. We are dedicated to equipping you with the knowledge and abilities needed to pass your driving test and navigate the roads safely.

Take the first step towards becoming a confident driver by starting your beginner driving lessons at Vijay Driving School. Trust us to guide you safely towards achieving your driving goals.

If you’re entirely new to driving, it’s unrealistic and potentially unsafe to expect to navigate without prior lessons or experience. That’s why at Vijay Driving School, we prioritize safety and quality instruction.

Trust Vijay Driving School, where our team of experienced approved driving instructors has been with us for years. Our Approved Driving Instructors are dedicated to guiding beginners through the learning process, providing essential advice and preparation for the beginner’s course. Starting from the fundamentals, such as theory and traffic rules, they ensure a solid foundation for your driving journey.

Commence your safe driving journey with Vijay Driving School, recognized as  Model Town-1, Delhi premier motor driving school. Count on us to provide the expertise and support you need to become a confident and responsible driver.

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